Do You Hear The Echoes? 1

As you may have noticed, soon after returning I disappeared again.  This time, the departure will be more long-term.

Soon after starting to write again, I learned of an accounting internship with CollegePlus! that would give me valuable experience while enabling me to graduate from college free of debt.  After praying about and discussing this opportunity with my parents, we decided to apply for the opportunity.  Following a couple of interviews first over the telephone, then in person, I landed the internship.  Praise the Lord!

While this is exactly where I think the Lord wants me to be, it does present a few problems to Practical Manliness.  Since I will be working full-time while studying full-time, I will not have much time for other pursuits.  When I first started the internship about two weeks ago, I thought that I would probably be able to continue writing… just with a lower volume.

After I actually started, however, reality forced me to change my plans.  Because of lack of time, I am putting Practical Manliness on hold for now.  I am not sure how soon (if ever), I will be able to come back to writing here, but I do hope to be able to return with renewed vigor and fresh perspective at some unknown date in the future.

In the meantime, vive la manliness!

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  1. Reply bondChristian Nov 4,2010 9:51 AM

    Thanks for putting up the notification, Nate. Hope the internship really works out for you.

    -Marshall Jones Jr.

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