Disclosure Policy

Clear LakeThe FTC, possibly in violation of the First Amendment, has recently required bloggers to clearly disclose how they profit from blogging.

Although I do not think that the government should interfere in this area (after all, what does the government know about transparency?), I do think that full disclosure is important to the development of trust.

Therefore, in order to build trust (and to comply with the FTC regulations), I have drawn up this short, concise disclosure policy to explain how I profit and when I endorse products or services.

How I Profit

Writing and maintaining Practical Manliness has been hugely beneficial to me in many ways.  Here are a few of them.

Intellectually & Spiritually

The most valuable benefits, in my opinion, are the intangible benefits of working with the manly community built around this blog.

  • Your input through comments and emails is an invaluable encouragement and helps inspire me to higher levels of manliness. You have taught me much.
  • The research required to maintain this site has also been of immense profit. The reading of books and articles about great historic principles of masculinity and the process of applying those values to our modern world have both helped me to learn more.
  • I have also found a great network of other men who are eager to pursue manliness in this effeminate age. This advantage alone is enough to motivate me to continue writing Practical Manliness!


In addition to the invaluable intangible profits, writing Practical Manliness has also benefited me somewhat financially.

  • Some of the links on this site are affiliate links that earn me money. For instance, when people purchase from Amazon.com after clicking through one of my Amazon links, I make a small percentage of the money they pay.
  • In addition, I have released two ebooks.  One is free, but I make a small profit off the other one.
  • As this website continues growing, I plan to make money through other methods as well. When I start utilizing those methods, I will try to remember to update this page.

Endorsement Requirements

Because I value my reader’s trust vastly more than any personal monetary gain, I have (very) strict requirements for any products or companies that I support or endorse.

If you are interested in having me promote your company you must fit the following guidelines:

Your product or service must be…

  • beneficial to my readers.
  • an encouragement to manliness.
  • something with which I would be proud to be associated.

In addition, it must NOT be…

  • anti-Christianity.
  • anti-liberty.

If you think your company fits those requirements, feel free to contact me.  Be forewarned, however, I will quite likely turn your offer down.